Stephan Michael Loy

Bug Hunt

Science fiction, suspense

A failed, threadbare manned mission to Mars could not be more luckless. They've suffered tragedies, found nothing of scientific significance  to redeem those tragedies, and have failed, twice, to redeploy to Earth. Now, long after they've fallen into dysfunction, they learn they are not alone...

These are shorter works than my novels, between 10,000 and 20,000 words. They're between very long short stories and novellas. Like all my work thus far, they are intended for adult readers. No, they aren't written for, ahem, "mature audiences," but they do deal with adult situations. These stories are sometimes violent, always intense, and sometimes deal with matters of sex. The characters may be potty-mouthed, depending on their personalities and stress levels. I've no interest in writing porn, so you won't find that here. I am interested in writing fully realized characters trapped in dynamic conflict, so you won't find mealy-mouthed stories here, either.

Here are some quick descriptions of my shorter works. If you like what you see, click the "Buy at" buttons for more detail. Enjoy!

Blood and Water


In this direct follow-on to Isis Wept, Qebera, formerly captain of Osiris's guard, scours the world for traces of his fallen lord, who was dismembered by the usurper Set and his limbs scattered far from Egypt. To retrieve a holy relic of Osiris, Qebera must find a way to reconcile two enemy camps: a poor village harassed by a local warlord, and the warlord himself, who seeks control of the most valued resource the desert has to offer. Water.


Literary fiction, fantasy, horror

The sheriff of Conroy County is about to lose his job. Ride along with him on the strangest day of his life. A weird journey into probabilities, fears, and the mind of the predator. And it's a great cop story, too.

A Conroy Christmas

Science fiction, suspense, fantasy

A direct sequel to Ridealong. Former sheriff Frank Keith works Christmas eve on the Conroy Police Force. He gets all the sorry slopover of humanity that isn't enjoying much Christmas cheer. Then he finds Chris Snow lying in the middle of the street and is launched into a holiday metaphor from which there seems to be no escape.

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Science fiction, romance, family

Charlese Tilbrenner is a correspondent for the popular lifestyles magazine Galactic Geographic. Her job takes her to distant worlds on sleek, faster-than-light space cruisers. But now it brings her home to the farm in Lawrence, Kansas. There, Charlese, years out of sync due to space-time dilation, will introduce her boyfriend to her always scary dad, and see where the fireworks fly.

Walter Cheatham's Cannibal Christmas

Science fiction, suspense, dystopia

Walter Cheatham is a detective of sorts, a finder of lost things. Now he must find a kidnapped ten-year-old girl whose captors have invited her to Christmas dinner ... as the entree.

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