Stephan Michael Loy


The sequel to Steve's scifi spy thriller, FIONA STREET.

Fiona Street, after a splash of notoriety when she saved American democracy from a legalized despot, has gone below board to recruit for the government's Nightwatch initiative. You've seen her at work in REDEMPTION SONG and BAD LANDS. Now she learns that, while she has her eyes on the weird and bizarre, the weird and bizarre have their eyes on her. A plot arises to discredit this most trusted agent in America's black ops arsenal, to discredit and hopefully destroy her. It works like a charm, isolating Fiona from her professional networks while turning the efforts of all covert forces toward her apprehension and, if necessary, elimination. To discover who's behind her death sentence, Fiona must seek new allies with strange powers. She must also dive deeper into her symbiotic tie with her enhanced cat Oz than she has ever dared before. When she is finished, will she be victorious? More importantly, will she even still be human?

This is something different, something hard to wrap your head around. A book series, yes, but one that breaks the barriers of genre, combining several otherwise unrelated series into one. Nightwatch is a killer epic adventure uniting several of Steve Loy's most exciting concepts. Last Days and Times. Fiona Street. Shining Star. Urban fantasy, espionage, and science fiction. These stories have their own directions, their own independent series even, but they weave together at several points to create something greater than any one series alone. Not only that, but they are joined by a number of one-off novel concepts designed especially with Nightwatch in mind.

Nightwatch is a long plan, an epic that will take years to complete.

We live not in one lonely universe, but among several. The eighteen contiguous universes are only a scratch on the surface of reality. There are an infinite number of universes, where all things that can happen, do happen.

In one of those universes, during World War II, the United States researched not only the atomic bomb as the ultimate weapon, but also something called the Drehd Machine. This Drehd Machine was conceived to radiate wave patterns over a wide distance that would terrorize a population by intensifying its nightmares, its insecurities, its basest fears.

In the course of the war, one of these experimental machines was lost when the plane carrying it was shot down over the Pacific. But the machine turned on in the crash and began radiating its psycho-physical effects  into the world. This might have been just a minor annoyance except that the explosion of the first A-bomb somehow intensified the effects of the Drehd Machine's rays, thereby deeply increasing the nightmare fears of humans all over the world. UFOs, the Red Scare, crime, and pre-millennial hysteria are bred or intensified by the power of the machine.

Back up and take a broader view. Beyond our universe exist many others, where all possibilities find their reality. One such universe is born and grown entirely as a product of our dreams. Here live all our fairy princesses, knights in shining armor, concerns about speaking naked in front of crowds, eternally falling figures, and boogeymen. This universe has learned, by its own physical laws, to adapt to the changing dreams and nightmares that give it physical form. Until now.

With the Drehd machine's artificially intensified storm of fear and nightmares, the beings of this universe come to see themselves as under attack. They divine the source, and they strike back. They feed our nightmares back to us, causing them to manifest physically in our world.

The Nightwatch team assembled by Fiona Street must battle these monsters of the id, cage or destroy them, seek out their source, and return the battle there. They must learn the terrible truth that we are the source of our own fears, but those fears wound innocents we don't even know. And so, allied with the creatures of a strange, inconceivable reality, until recently our implacable enemies, Nightwatch must find the generator of the multiverse terror, the Drehd machine itself, and destroy it. But that's only the smaller part of the quest. They must also deal with a force so evil, so driven by fear and hatred, that it will see nothing less than the obliteration of all life, everywhere, in every mode of existence. And it is a monster of our own creation.

Last Days and Times the first installment toward the climactic Nightwatch novel. Introduces Sally Reiser, a key player in  the Nightwatch saga.

Shining Star second book in the Nightwatch series. Introduces the concept of the Inquisitor. One such inquisitor will become a heavy hitter on the Nightwatch team.

Fiona Street Fiona Street will become the leader of the Nightwatch team. She also appears in other subsequent books, recruiting those who will populate the final book.

Redemption Song sequel to Last Days and Times and the fourth book in the Nightwatch series. Fiona Street appears to recruit Sally Reiser.

Bad Lands a pivotal entry into the series, in which the dire situation of the multiverse is first raised and dealt with directly

Uncivil Service the dream crisis of the multiverse spills over into the sequel to Fiona Street. Fiona receives her first direct knowledge of the overall crisis in multiple universes.

Voice of the City a manifestation of the dream crisis becomes a Batmanesque superhero in Chicago.

Transporter one individual's strange experience with the altered reality of the new multiverse. A woman finds that she can, unaccountably from her perspective, teleport between places where any living being is sleeping. She uses this skill for personal gain.

Dark Star the sequel to Shining Star. Layered within the primary conflict of religious war and rebellion, the Reverend Mother discovers a breach in the universal membrane and sends one of her inquisitors to investigate.

Resurrectionist an itinerant preacher discovers that he has the power to lay hands on the sick or wounded and remove their afflictions. But there's a catch. He can only cure one person a day, so he must choose who lives and who dies.

Ghost Wolf Wendy Carlisle, of Last Days and Times and Redemption Song, is enlisted by the British government to engage and combat a strange incursion into the reality of our world. This leads to direct conflict between Carlisle and Fiona Street.

Bad Luck Bob Bob Wierzbicki, formerly of the CIA, can't understand his recent run of extremely bad luck. He lost his job as an Eastern European desk agent due to some undisclosed irregularities. He moved back to Washington, DC where his girlfriend left him for another woman, his dog ate his cat then got hit by a bus full of nuns who are suing for pain and suffering, and everywhere he goes bad things happen. Now, for no reason Bob can discern, his old employer has put a hit on him. But eliminating one down-on-his-luck ex-government worker proves more difficult than the CIA figured. Turns out, the terrible luck that has afflicted Bob afflicts  those around him just as readily. Come to plug Wierzbicki? Watch the city burn. Can Bob escape the attentions of government assassins? Does he want to? Only the luck of the draw will tell.

Nightwatch the reality crisis of the multiverse explodes and governments are helpless against such a colossal disaster. When government actions fail to protect the human race, and in fact seem to make matters worse, Fiona Street gathers her odd assemblage of misfit superheros and enters the multiverse rift to battle the ultimate evil, the focus of all nightmares.

The Long Path to Nightwatch

The (Tentative) Nightwatch Progression: